Maybe you feel like you need a change in style. Or you just want to try something new. Whatever the case, these fashion trends are where it’s at right now.

There are times where you see something someone is wearing and you think to yourself, "I could never pull that off."
Well it's time to stop thinking that. 
If you see something you want to wear, just try it!
On that note, sometimes trends are adorable, and sometimes it's like, "why is that a trend?" So today I'm only picking out trends that I would wear; not what I THINK someone would wear. 
Just so you can get an idea of my style. And if you're a fan of my style (like, you've seen my Instagram) then try out these trends, because why not? 

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The first trend I found was like... "Wait what? This is a thing?"

It's called "SCARF PRINT". 
It's pretty much exactly what it sounds like.
Which doesn't mean much.
It's actually SILK SCARF PRINT. Better? No?
You know those silk scarves. People wear them around their neck, waist, whatever.
There is clothing that is - most of the time - made out of silk scarves. Recycled. Kinda cool huh? But I'm sure mostly it's just made out of the same material, though there are some designers who recycle scarves.

Some looks are less extravagant. But still freaking adorable. 

And some you're just like... that's weird. Why do I wanna wear that so bad? 

Our next trend is called "LOW KEY UTILITY" Trend.
It's basically cargo pants, boots, all that fun stuff. 
This is a trend that I am definitely going to try. I've always been a sucker for these looks, and yet I've never even owned a pair of cargo pants. Hello to trying new things!

Next on my list is "TRUMPET SLEEVES".
I've always been kind of a sucker for trumpet sleeves, and hopefully you can see why. It's a great way to make your outfit pop!
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This next one seems silly, but hear me out.
Lace-free sneakers/shoes
I have a weird pet peeve, and that's LACES. Hate em. I won't buy shoes if they have laces. So of course, these should always be a thing! Haha. I much prefer slip-on or elastic. 
Plus you can find SOOO many types. Like different patterns and such. Fun fun. 

Big Size Washed Denim Loafers Flats Canvas Shoes Women Casual Slip on

But also don't forget that zippers are thing. Much prefer zippers over laces. 


One thing I want  to start doing this year, is wearing "HAIR SCARVES". I just feel like-it doesn't matter what you do with your hair. Use a scarf to do it and you're set.

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Warning: I'm about to say something that is going to make you cringe...
I know, what am I thinking? White is basically a magnet that only attracts things that stain it. 
But it is CUTE. White jeans have always been a favorite of mine. Despite how easily you can stain them. 
Wear them anyway!

Camel oversized polo-neck sweater & white jeans on Jessie Bush | @styleminimalism

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And now that I've introduced you to some trends that I will definitely take on this year, I wanted to show you guys some bonus outfits that are supposed to be trendy, for some reason. Enjoy!

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