I had the amazing opportunity to attend a Christmas Gala for Niya Management!

Okay, now you’re thinking, “Sounds fun, but what the heck is Niya Management?

They book, manage and represent talent! Anywhere from modeling to acting. Simple right? But I found out that there is so much more to them and the company than just representing talent. 

But now, who is Niya?
Niya started out as a model herself when she was about 16-17, then came to Utah and worked with a photographer, who also did castings.
At the time, she was having a hard time working with some other agencies. They did things a little differently and she just wanted more.

And she found it.

She started helping people get signed who were out of Utah, and suddenly she just knew.
“Oh! This is what I gotta do!” She says, “I think I just needed to bring what Utah hadn’t had before.”
She found her passion.

Every year they throw a holiday party for their talent. They choose a day to celebrate them. And each year, they also choose something to donate! This year it was donations for a food bank. But they’ve had donations for people that they know are maybe going through a rough time, and donate money to them, or clothes. 
In Niya’s words, “If we’re going to get a bunch of people together, we have to choose somethin’.”

I asked Niya, “If somebody wanted to sign with you, how would they go about doing that?”
Niya: “We don’t just sign anybody. We’re very hands-on, because we’re more of a management company. So it’s not just some talent agency with like, however many talents- whoever wants to do it. You have to audition. Some people will come to open calls 2-3 times before we actually sign.”

Check out the open calls on their website, and the submit tab, or they do post on their Facebook and Instagram!
Don’t let what she said scare you though. They want people to continue to come. If you don’t hear anything, they want you to follow up and keep coming! Don’t give up. What’s amazing, is if it’s something you need to work on, they tell you, and help you with it. They don’t just deny you and leave you high and dry wondering what it is you need to be working on. 

Stephanie, the talent director, went on to say, “A lot of other agencies charge to teach you how to walk and all these other classes. We don’t do that, we’re not a school.” But people can still learn from them.
Niya was literally ready to have her second baby and she was teaching a room full of girls how to walk.
Plus at this holiday party, she had just gotten her gal bladder out, and she was still there because she wanted to be a support. Everyone made sure she took it easy though, don’t worry.
“I think that says a lot about her character.” Stephanie says. “That’s the type of person she is. She really gives her whole heart. She wants them to do their best.”

Niya: “Same with Steph, for the acting auditions she books, like if someone might need a little more help with reading their lines, she’ll give them pointers. She’ll make sure their resume is up to date, get em in with an acting coach right away-whatever they need.”

And I just love that. They are all so supportive of each other, and they really care. Most agencies/agents don’t care. I feel like it can be, “Hey, work on it and if you find someone to help you, cool. If not, too bad.”

I had such a fun time at the holiday event, and I am so thankful they allowed me to be a part of it.

Thank you to all those associated with the agency, and to all those who participated to make the evening perfect.
Taylor- Agency Assistant  
Niya Boyakin-CEO
Stephanie Brochinksy-Booker 
Eva Chanel Stephens -Drag Queen 
DJ Suzy 
Five Wives Vodka 
Blonde Who Bakes 
Sweet Tooth Fairy
Chris Blackburn- Red Carpet Photos 
Caty Gainer- Photographer 

Thank you to my sister Courtney, who also happens to be my personal assistant whenever I need her! Haha.
She was able to get me an invite to the Gala to do a blog post on it. So thanks Courtney!

And thank YOU, yes, you.
Thank you for reading and for all your support to my blog.

I wouldn’t get opportunities like this without your support, and it’s so appreciated!

Much love! <3

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