Funny title, right?

I wanted to do more of an appreciation post today… 

I don’t tell him enough. 

But I love him. I appreciate him.

My husband.

In fact, without even knowing it, he came up with the title of this post. 

We were cuddling in bed, watching F.R.I.E.N.D.S and he was scratching my head because he knows it relaxes me. 

I had sort of a long day. The day before, he had taken me to the Dentist, and so I was in a lot of pain. I have to take all of these medications now (okay, like, 2) to prepare me for a root canal, and to help manage the pain. 
Swallowing pills gives me anxiety. I don’t know why. It seems like such a small thing to freak out about, but when I swallow something whole, my throat closes up.
I’ve already gagged and almost threw up multiple times.
I’m over it. 

But anyway. This is about my husband. Haha.

Mainly it’s going to consist of how much he’s been there for me, though.

The other day, I told my husband that I needed a “mental health” day. It happens sometimes, no shame.

And he was very caring and supportive about it. He could have been annoyed, or just let me be. But immediately he said, “Okay! We’ll go the humane society to let you see some animals, we’ll go get lunch then we’ll come back, relax, and watch some F.R.I.E.N.D.S. How does that sound?”
Such a good mental health day. He knew I just needed to relax and not think about anything. So he didn’t make me decide what to do that day, he just took me places and relaxed me.
What a great husband.

And that’s what he does. Even if I don’t specifically tell him I need a mental health day, he’s always there making sure I’m not stressing out about something.

He gives me massages, and I find out later that he has been so sore for a few days.

He does the laundry while I’m at work so that I have no chance of doing it.

He cooks dinner, and washes the dishes afterwords.

When I ask what I can do to help, he responds, “You can sit there and relax. I got this.”

He opens my doors for me. Not because he thinks I can’t do it, but because he wants to do it.

He turns on F.R.I.E.N.D.S because he knows it’ll make me laugh and scratches my head.

I’ve had like, 100 career changes, and he’s supported every single one. And it usually goes like this:

Me: I want to be a vet!
Him: Do it!
Me: I dunno, I’m such a wuss, I would cry… maybe I’ll do network marketing!
Him: You’d be so good at that! Do it!
Me after a while of doing it: It didn’t work out. I’m going to work at Chick-fil-a
Him: You would be adorable.
Me after a while working at chick-fil-a: I hate fast food, I’m going to go be a teller at a bank!
Him: You’d be an adorable teller! Do it.
Me later: I’m going to be a full time blogger one day, and I’ll get to work from home, and we’ll have a pretty house and not have to worry about money!
Him: You’d be so good at that! Go for it!
Me now: Still pursuing the blogging thing XD

And that’s how it goes. He supports me in anything that makes me happy. He invests in me. When I did online marketing, he bought product from me. With this blogging thing, he’ll take me to the mall to get a new outfit and then take me somewhere and take pictures of me for my Instagram.

And I have NEVER heard him complain.

I wish there was a perfect way to show him how much I appreciate all he does for me. But a whole blog post embarrassing him should do 😉

He argues, but I’m the lucky one.

What is something your S/O does that you want to thank them for? Something they do that seems effortless, but it means a lot to you. I want to know!

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Thank you, Porter. I love you ❤️



  1. Brittany
    November 14, 2018 / 4:53 pm

    What a beautiful blog entry! I am so happy he understands you and loves you! I’ll share here what my husband does, thanks for asking that so I can think about it and feel that gratitude for him!
    My husband also never complains. That is a great quality I lack! He returns home from work and asks “What should I make for dinner?” Or “Do you want _____ for dinner?” I love that. He stretches out his arms as if he’s tired, but they just stay up until I embrace him for a hug. He also figures out how to fix everything, even if that means watching a YouTube tutorial. Our cars, electrical and plumbing issues, iPads, toys, the list goes on. Sometimes he is unsuccessful and then we replace it or go elsewhere to have it fixed. It is in those times I should hold my tongue about him possibly making it worse. Because most of the time he actually does fix things!
    I’ve learned a lot by reading this and commenting 😁 You’ve just contributed to the happiness I will go forward feeling in my life. 👏🏻. Thank you!

    • November 14, 2018 / 5:21 pm

      I LOVE that! Thank you for sharing <3

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