As I’m working on making my video blog for you guys, I wanted to post something else so I didn’t keep y’all waiting. Editing can be quite the process, but I’m super excited! It’s something really silly, but I feel like a lot of people can relate.
You’ll see.
Anyway, I realized I had no plans for a Halloween blog, so uh. This might be it. We’ll see.
I thought of this because yesterday me and some coworkers were talking about scary movies, ghosts and all that other fun stuff.
I’m not much of a fan of horror movies. A Quiet Place is one I really loved though. I’m not sure if it’d be considered horror, or just suspenseful…
But I do like REAL horror. That makes me sound like a sociopath, but fake horror bores me.
Wow… saying it out loud makes me sound like a psycho.
I’ve recently been into “True crime” podcasts. They scare the heck outta me, but true stories (scary or not) have always interested me. Or even “based on a true story”.
Who can relate?
Luckily my coworkers agreed. Except one of them thought I needed to be checked into a mental hospital. Haha.
Then we got on the subject of Ghost stories. True ghost stories. And I’ve had  my share of adventures.
I used to work at a movie theater that gave me my first wave of paranormal experiences. And it’s just kind of followed me from there. Although I haven’t noticed anything out of the ordinary after recently moving.
It’s hard not to be a believer when you can’t find rational explanations. Like footsteps coming toward me, only to find out nobody is there when I turn around.
Or a loud knocking/banging on the fridge or breaker box.
Or sitting completely still at a desk only to see your shoelaces have been untied in mere seconds. (That was my husbands experience. At the same theater, by the way.)
The other night, hubby came home around 2am. (He works late shifts) and told me he was walking around the lobby after they had closed. He was walking toward a hall, and at the very end of the hall he saw a large black shadow pass by. Like, what? Of course he went to go investigate and saw nothing. Trick of the eye? Possibly. But he swears by it. And I believe him! Cause it’s cool. Haha. 
Oh man, the stories I could tell you.
Do you guys believe in Ghosts? If you have a story, I want to hear it! I want to do a part 2 on this with some different ghost stories. Or maybe some creepy things your kids have said; sometimes that’s a fun segment. Gotta get into the Halloween vibe! I’ll leave my email at the end of this, so be sure to email me with your stories, and I’ll put them in my next Halloween post!
Speaking of Halloween, I’m totally going to be a Crayon. Yep, that’s right. A Purple Crayon. Freaking love it, and I am so excited. Pictures to come. 
Add that to your email too. What are you going as for Halloween? Are you dressing up at all?
I’m weird because I’ve always loved to dress up. I’ve gone to Comic Con, and I just can’t go places like that without dressing up!
Same with Halloween. I don’t think I’m doing anything on Halloween, but I can’t NOT dress up. Plus when kids come to the door, I think they’d think that a person dressed like a Crayon would be pretty funny.

And for my job, I’m volunteering at the Hogle Zoo to pass out candy for the kids! So of course I have to dress up!


Be sure to stay tuned for part 2, because I will be telling my own personal ghost stories as well as stories you have sent me! So send me some because I want to hear them!

Happy Halloween.

Stay spoopy.

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