Hello everyone!

This week has been kind of a crazy one, to say the least.

I’ve been working on a new blog post for y’all, but that might not be done for a bit. I’ve decided I want this next one to be more interactive, so it will be my first official video blog! I feel like I am horrible in front of a camera, but I had too much fun with it, so I definitely have to show y’all, no matter how cheesy. So stay tuned for that.

Plus I have been sick all week, which is another reason why I haven’t really gotten a new blog post up. (Plus I threw up on my favorite and ONLY coat today, so, that’s fun…)
And also the app I’ve been using is sooo slow! So I tried to download iMovie, but it won’t download without wifi, and I just use my data, and I’ve been sick so obviously I haven’t been anywhere with wifi. Fun stuff!

Anyway. That’s what this post is for. It won’t be long, but I just wanted to keep y’all updated!

I’m still blogging! Just sort of out of commission for the time being.

Counting my blessings though, I got sick AFTER my birthday instead of before or during. Haha.

My husband was so awesome. My Birthday was on the 9th, but I had to work so we celebrated on the 8th.

He brought me Chick-fil-a breakfast in bed, we went to the zoo and spent some time there. There was nobody there because it was so cold! It was great. Plus I had on like 3 layers so… And then he took me out to dinner/lunch at the Pizza Pie Cafe, then took me to the Humane Society because I wanted to pet all the animals. Haha…
Then we went over to the Gateway in Salt Lake just to walk around and enjoy each others company. We did end up going to Gamestop and got a few games because why not?

But he still made sure to also take me out to dinner on my official birthday; he took me to this yummy Mexican restaurant called Guadalahonkys.
He was so funny. All night he was saying he felt bad because he didn’t get me a cake. I was totally okay with it, no big deal.
At the end of the night, he gave me my gifts, then said, “Okay, now wait here!” Went into the kitchen, came back with a lighter and a small tub of ice cream, and sang happy birthday. Haha how could I be mad at that? It was seriously hilarious.

I think that’s all to really update you on. I will get my Video blog out to you guys as soon as I can figure out how! Ha.


Stay safe and warm out there y’all. It’s freaking cold.

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